5 Insights from World Economic Forum 2022

2 Jun 2022
2 min read

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is one of the most renowned events bringing together chief executive officers from its over 1000 member companies, as well as selected politicians, NGOs and media representatives. Ruslan Gavrilyuk, CEO and Founder of TeQatlas, shares his main takeaways from the WEF 2022.

1. Create Value

At TeQatlas, we are building the infrastructure for private markets that provides equal access to the capital, investment opportunities, expertise, and user-oriented data solutions. It is essential to do this having in mind the values creation as a fundamental for nowadays and the future we are responsible for. After the Forum, I got an extra confirmation that our team and company are on the right track, though challenging and not easy.

2. United for Changes

While having numerous meetings and chats with friends, partners, and people sharing the same principles and similar visions, we all realize that we are more human than we think, more resistant than we think, and more creative than we think. Currently, the progressive mankind demonstrates a full understanding of the situation and all of the components of the entire human being system. This is the subject of changes, and it is our duty to make it happen, despite all the barriers we have.

We are more human than we think, more resistant than we think, and more creative than we think.

3. You can be a decision-maker without a suit

That was my 4th WEF: I am happy to observe how side events all over Davos influence the world in general, and the "white badges" in particular. This creates a more favorable environment for exchanging experiences and providing progressive solutions based on blockchain technology, AI-caring-for-people products, etc. Worthwhile to mention that we are acknowledging social transformations, future impacts, sustainability and ethics.

4. Think and invest out of the box

Working on this, as well as sharing the ideas with old and new friends, I’m not surprised that the trillion-dollar raise is no longer something in the out-of-the-mind bubble, but rather a necessity for the companies and initiatives to change the world for the better. Again, this made me confident that TeQatlas moves in a positive direction having all chances to be a game-changer in this area.

5. Online or offline, that is not a question

Given the fact that we all need to adjust to a post-COVID reality now, I am absolutely convinced that it is impossible to replace live communication with online tools. We all love to see gestures, emotions, and hugs that after lockdown became even more intense and sincere. Unfortunately or luckily, these feelings cannot be compensated even with the help of the latest AI, however, online technologies have automated lots of processes by making them more efficient and faster.

Despite the fact that TeQatlas is a fully remote company, we strive to leave more space for quality offline meetings, even though, they might happen quite rarely, but with more emotions.

Once again, I have realized how everyone from all over the world was enjoying communications without any borders. It was a really fruitful and cool week and I am very thankful to our old and new friends and partners!

See you in a year!

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