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Back to school with TeQatlas!

1 Sep 2022
2 min read

Dear Community,

Looks like you haven’t heard from us on this blog for a long time. This doesn’t mean, though, that our Product and Marketing teams have been relaxing on the beach - we have been working hard all summer long to present a bunch of essential updates before our extension's big launch, which is going to make a Venture Capital market better.

We are excited to let you know that now you can claim the company-owned Dossiers on TeQatlas. This new feature automatically captures newly registered users under your existing company's Dossier.

Let’s go into detail and have a glance at what we prepared for you!

From now on, multiple team workers can become members of your Organization's Dossier on TeQatlas platform by joining it as Admins.

For Investors:

Note that this update doesn't affect the individual investors.

Admins with the "Investor" role have not only complete control over the organization's dossier but also can take every action on the platform, including:

  • Having access to the Market and Shared deals sorted by relevance

  • Running pre-screens of the investees via extension

  • Changing the investment preferences of the organization

  • Saving investees to the shared Radar

  • Receiving updates on the saved to Radar investees


  • Give your investment team a single point of visibility and management.

  • Accelerate the collaboration between your team and the investment community.

  • Get the prefilled preferences based on the organization's previous investments.

How it works:

  1. Create your account credentials and select the role "Investor".

  2. In the "Business name" search bar, enter your organization's name.

  3. Choose from the drop-down list your organization's name.

  4. Click the "Create account" button.

For Investees:

These changes also apply to the founder’s business profile.

You and your teammates can become a member of your company's Dossier on TeQatlas by joining as the Admin of your Dossier. Just select the role "Investee" and choose your organization's Business name from the dropdown while registering your TeQatlas account.

The team will have a single point of visibility and management as well as accelerate collaboration with the investment community acting on behalf of your company.

Admins can take every action on the platform, including:

  • Editing your company's Dossier and creating the investor preferences

  • Managing documents in your shared Data Room

  • Sharing your deal on TeQatlas

  • Having access to the investors sorted by relevance

  • Saving interesting investors to the shared Radar

  • Negotiating with investors in the Chat Room

  • Managing commitments in the Wallet

NOTE:If you don't find your company's business name in the dropdown list, please create a new one.

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