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TeQatlas Extension is live!

17 Feb 2023
2 min read

Dear TeQatlas Community, this day has come!

Our team is thrilled to launch an extension for VCs and Business Angels made by investors. We know you've got your hands full while pre-screening the companies and managing your investment portfolio. What if you can organize your deal flow more efficiently and keep all companies from different sources in one place?

How? Access TeQatlas comprehensive analysis tool directly from your Google Chrome browser while visiting a company’s website, reading the news, or doing online research! TeQatlas for Chrome offers real-time investment insights based on AI to help Angel investors and VC funds make data-driven decisions by saving efforts for pre-screening.

For angel investors: run your pre-screen in seconds, and do not miss out on your investment opportunities by having all companies under the hood of TeQatlas. Hire your personal AI-based deal-flow assistant to do this job for you.

For VC funds: start to make data-driven decisions in a few clicks and keep all companies from different sources in one place. No way to turn your deal flow into a mess!

How it works?

1. Find out the company's relevancy based on your investment focus.
2. Save highly relevant companies to your Radar for future reference.
3. Monitor the new messages from investees in Chat Room on TeQatlas.

These features will be described in the following blogposts according to our product release updates.

Let’s have a look at the benefits you get while using the extension.

1. One click to the insight
See how the company is relevant to you within seconds. Trust the data and our intelligent Relevance Score to do the work for you.

2. Integrated workflow
Save all companies in one place and without opening your CRM. We made sure that your deal-sourcing activities are synced with the help of the personal assistant.

3. Not a single missed opportunity
Follow companies' updates and get notified once there is any relevant news regarding company status, releases, or new active deals.

Feel free to try out our extension - install it in your Google Chrome browser, create your investor account, set up your investment focus, and you are ready to pre-screen! Don’t forget to pin the TeQatlas Extension in your settings, and do make sure to leave your review in the Chrome Store!

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