TeQatlas Team at the Web Summit: Learnings and Findings

11 Nov 2022
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This week, our team returned from one of the biggest startup events in Europe and worldwide — Web Summit. We have asked the team members visiting the summit to speak about their experience, share their thoughts, impressions and do’s and don’ts.

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Web Summit remains one of the biggest startup events in Europe. With over 70 000 participants, it’s a good place to validate concepts and find partnerships and providers. One of the greatest changes in post-pandemic is people — they are more communicative, open-minded, always eager to share an idea, provide feedback or recommend someone from their network.
Alex Briu, COO of TeQatlas
Given a large number of visitors, we have again received confirmation of the need for infrastructure and ecosystem for private markets and investors. People have become more open and ready to help, advise, and recommend the necessary network. Data and capital move further in different directions, and TeQatlas could greatly simplify these processes, with the help of solutions and algorithms, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
Ruslan Gavrilyuk, Founder & CEO of TeQatlas
The most productive day is your exhibition day, as other founders come to you and want to find out more. That said, the teams should maximize the impact of Day and Night Summits (everyday networking parties) by approaching other people and pitching them your idea or business to get feedback.
Alex Briu, COO of TeQatlas
Preparation is key, so don’t postpone anything for the last day. First of all, you need to set goals for the event and start from them, considering that there is a certain tactic for finding investments, and another one for searching for clients and partners. Last, don’t forget about follow-ups after the event to make sure you spread the word about your company.
Alex Briu, COO of TeQatlas
We have seen how quickly the problem of relevant partners, providers, and experts needs to be solved — the issue TeQatlas solves is critical for the industry and in great demand. To improve the efficiency of the entire market and ensure equal access to it, we need to work on providing the collaboration, which includes collaborative intelligence, trust, and shared responsibility. This will unite the value-driven people and drastically change the industry that hasn’t been changed for decades.
Ruslan Gavrilyuk, Founder & CEOof TeQatlas

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