UVCA Joins TeQatlas Ecosystem!

13 Dec 2022
2 min read

Dear Community,

We’re delighted to announce that TeQatlas has entered into a partnership with the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) - organisation that shapes the future direction of the venture capital and private equity industry in Ukraine.

First and foremost, this is to provide an opportunity to invest in the most promising Ukrainian tech startups and to match their needs with relevant capital from all over the world. Second, TeQatlas and UVCA are joining forces to bring the best possible benefits for startups and investors opting for the project.

Benefits for startups:

The right way to get prepared for the fundraising

  • Keep all the fundraising materials in one place to share them when needed in a few clicks with TeQatlas Dossier and Data Room.

  • UVCA will assist you in the creation of the engaging Dossier and Data Room that will receive positive feedback from investors.

Get on the radar of the relevant investors efficiently

  • If your preferences are carefully set up, your Dossier will become visible to the most relevant investors on the Market.

  • UVCA will help attract those investors for your Dossier. (Incl. Organising a Demo day moderated by the UVCA team)

Manage the process with zero hassle

  • With an in-built Chat Room (communication) and Wallet (deal management), you can go through the negotiation process with investors w/o leaving TeQatlas.

  • UVCA will go along with you during the negotiations with investors to help you achieve your fundraising goal.

Benefits for investors:

No barriers to join the ecosystem and communities

  • TeQatlas ecosystem welcomes investors with any ticket size and investment focus, including geography and industry preferences.

  • By joining UVCA’s community, you receive access to the most promising Ukrainian tech startups.

Get high-quality deal flow

  • All the Dossiers are sorted by Fit Rate based on your investment focus so that you can focus your efforts on the most relevant ones.

  • UVCA curates the Dossiers with all the needed pre-vetted information for you to decide how to proceed with the deal.

Manage the investment process with zero hassle

  • With an in-built Chat Room (communication) and Wallet (deal management), you can go through the negotiation process with investees w/o leaving TeQatlas.

  • UVCA will facilitate negotiations with startups to help you make investment decisions easier.

We are excited to see that the Ukrainian startup scene continues to grow! TeQatlas and UVCA strongly believe that any action matters. This initiative will bring an important transformation and innovation to the industry by encouraging investors globally to opt for Ukrainian companies.

Support us in our mission to unite value-driven people globally by creating an ecosystem that fuels the effective flow of data and capital!

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