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TeQatlas’ Product Updates - What’s new? Release 1

03 Apr 2023
2 min read

At the beginning of this year, our team was thrilled to launch the TeQatlas Extension for Google Chrome, which offers real-time investment insights based on AI to help Business Angels and VC funds make data-driven decisions by saving efforts for pre-screening.

In the first release, we introduced a bunch of features and updates to facilitate the deal flow and make the life of Angels and VCs easier. Let’s make a small recap of them in this blog post.

1. TeQatlas's Fit Rate

While running the pre-screens with the TeQatlas extension, investors can see the company's relevancy within seconds. This is possible with the intelligent Fit Rate (recently known as Relevance Score) designed to qualify the companies by relevance to the investment focus easily. Read more about rebranded TeQatlas’s Fit Rate here

How it works?

We made it simple and effortless: investors visit companies' websites (startups) to find out what they do and whether they fit their investment focus. The good news is that they must not spend hours manually screening startups anymore because the extension provides a Fit Rate for each startup stored in the TeQatlas database in seconds.

Investors can set up their focus to sort the global private market according to their needs and preferences. We have 1 million companies under the hood!

2. Radar

We have also presented and explained to our community one of the key TeQatlas Extension features that save investors time - Radar. Why is it handy and useful? Because investors can use it to save highly relevant companies to the shortlist stored in the TeQatlas application for future reference based on their investment focus.

3. Investor Registration Update

Users with the Investor role, who did not select the Individual investor profile, can now attach themselves to an existing database dossier in the Business Name field. If there is no company in the database, the investor can create a new company, which will be saved in the database in the Investor category.

Please note that a user with the Investor role can be attached to any company only in the Investor category.

4. Extension buttons - Like and Notifications

Using the TeQatlas Extension, investors can see how the company is relevant to them within seconds and receive useful recommendations to keep an eye on in the future. This can be done by giving likes to interesting companies while surfing their websites - when you click the Like button, we analyze and consider this data to improve the Fit Rate.

Additionally, the extension allows you to monitor new messages in the Chat Room on the platform. To go to the Chat Room page in the app, click on the logo, and the expanded version of the extension will open. Follow companies' updates and get news about the company’s status, releases, or new active deals.

It’s also important to bring to your attention that the user can like any company, regardless of whether it is in our database or not. When using the Save feature, they can save only those companies that are in the database.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support!

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