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Say goodbye to manual investment operations and welcome the personalised automated experience based on AI!

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Manage your deal flow and investment portfolio on our intelligent platform.



Access proper and comprehensive data on promising startups.



Leverage a set of AI-powered tools to make informed investment decisions.



Connect and share documents easily while maintaining data security.



Customise your investment profile to your needs and preferences.



Control and assess all stages of your investment progress in one place.

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Increase in Relevant Deal Flow with TeQatlas’ AI Fit Rate


Gain a competitive edge with instant market insights

TeQatlas’ AI-powered Personalised Market provides deep company insights on active deals to help you identify the most relevant investment opportunities.

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Get a Fit Rate score to detect companies that match your investment preferences.

Stay on top of your growing deal flow with instant insights and real-time updates.

Keep up with companies’ profiles to identify future investment opportunities.

Use our Chrome Extension to receive news and alerts without leaving the browser.

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Network smarter, not harder!

Use TeQatlas’ inbound/outbound request system to connect with investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to share the latest deals and insights.

Level Up Your Networking

Collaborate and Conquer.
Contact potential partners directly via an in-built Chat Room to make data-driven decisions.

Access to Industry Insights.
Enter TeQatlas’ platform to get into the extension, industry reports, blog, and expert insights.

Increased Visibility.
Showcase your experience and expertise to gain more exposure and within the industry.

Revolutionise Networking.
Communicate with experts to share deals and insights without leaving the platform.


Streamline your deal flow management process

TeQatlas’ AI-based tools will assist you in managing commitments, investment portfolio tracking, and analysing your capital - all in one place.

Improve Your Investment Process

Manage commitments and track your investment pipeline in real-time.

Monitor your deal flow analytics to improve your investment decisions.

Analyse your capital allocation to enhance and optimise your investment strategy.

Store and share documents securely with our Data Room feature.

Wolfgang Lehmacher
Strategy & Business Management Consultant at Topan
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The insights and data provided by TeQatlas are awe-inspiring. I’ve been able to discover and invest in startups we would have never found otherwise.

To improve the efficiency of the venture capital market and ensure equal access to it, we need to work on providing collaboration, which includes trust, collaborative intelligence, and shared responsibility.

Russ Havrylyuk
Founder & CEO of TeQatlas

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and pricing.
What is TeQatlas?
TeQatlas is a next-generation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that enables investors to discover and invest in the best startups worldwide. Based on AI-powered tools, investors can make informed decisions and manage their portfolio and deal flow more efficiently.
Can investors communicate with startups directly through TeQatlas?
Yes, they can do this via an in-built messenger, called Chat Room. TeQatlas’s Chat Room is more than a connection tool - investors can send and manage commitments, track their statuses, share documents, and invite their teams - without leaving the platform.
How much does TeQatlas cost?
We offer three pricing plans to accommodate the needs of investors of all sizes. Pricing varies based on access to the platform's features and tools. Learn more about the pricing here.
Who is it for?
TeQatlas is for angel investors, venture capitalists, and investment analysts who want to organise their deal flow and automate the workflow. With the TeQatlas Pro, they can use all of the features, including insights-driven decision-making, portfolio tracking, etc.
How does TeQatlas ensure data security and privacy?
TeQatlas takes the security and privacy of sensitive user data seriously. We use advanced security measures to protect user data, such as encryption standards and best practices, and store it on highly reliable and secure systems. We also ensure secure data transfer through HTTPS and use industry-standard authentication measures to authorize user access. Overall, TeQatlas takes all necessary precautions to safeguard sensitive user data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
Is TeQatlas available globally?
Yes, TeQatlas is a global platform accessible to users worldwide. From San Francisco to Tokyo, our software helps users identify and evaluate companies no matter where they are located. We strive to provide access to the proper data and insights regardless of geography.